can we just talk about krystal eating a paper instead of the guy in the art video

Sehun&Krystal | High School for anonymous

cr. to the owner




Dad said if this gets 600,000 notes I can get a American Eskimo Puppy like this one


I always wanted a dog. Please he doesn’t think its possible even though the chicken thing happened  He has money saved and is more than willing if it happens. 

bitch were getting you a puppy ok

#we are tumblr and we like getting people pets #and that’s as productive as we get

new hairstyles

the comeback is near


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"Sulli. She has a very pretty smile that could make me jealous."
- Krystal, "Out of the f(x) members, who do you think is the most attractive?" Vogue Girl Magazine Interview 2009
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"Krystal! Since she has the gracefulness I do not have."
- Amber, “Which woman do you think is close to being perfect?” Vogue Girl Magazine Interview 2009
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7/ pictures of Soojung’s legs

[RUMOR] “Sulli says at the fansign that f(x) comeback will have the concept of India Belly”

someone should edit a gif of belly dancers and change their head into f(x) members’ head